The National Dairy Council

The National Dairy Council (NDC) through their media partners engaged Rooftop Twenty Two to design and develop a new website for the organisation. The brief was to create a site that was engaging to navigate, beautiful in appearance, and easily adaptable for future use.

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The Opportunity

This project presented an exciting opportunity for Rooftop Twenty Two to showcase their skills and expertise in web design and development. The NDC is a well-respected organisation, and their website serves as a key platform for sharing information about the dairy industry and promoting the benefits of dairy products. By delivering a high-quality website for the NDC, Rooftop Twenty Two had the chance to make a significant impact on the organisation's online presence.


Rooftop Twenty Two rose to the challenge and delivered a stunning new website for the NDC. The site features a clean and modern design, with a focus on user experience and ease of navigation. The website is fully responsive, meaning it looks great and functions seamlessly on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones.

One of the key goals of the project was to create a website that could be easily updated and adapted for future use. To that end, Rooftop Twenty Two implemented a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows the NDC to easily add and edit content on the site. This ensures that the website can evolve and grow along with the organisation.

Overall, the new website for the National Dairy Council is a resounding success. It looks great, is easy to navigate, and is well-equipped to handle the organisation's needs now and in the future. Rooftop Twenty Two should be proud of the work they have done, and the NDC is thrilled with the results.


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